Essay on the role of GPA in the admission procedure

Running for a 4.0, some students take their GPA too seriously. Schools have to calculate the academic rating of students to inform colleges, parents, and students themselves of their performance. GPA is one’s progress that achieved for years. Though it looks informative to teachers and parents, colleges do not consider GPA the matter of an utmost importance.

According to the data provided by the National Association for College Admission Counseling, GPA stands the fourth on the list of most important admission factors. Colleges estimate student’s performance with their SATs and ACTs. Establishments also rely on the students who passed their college-prep courses as well as on those who steadily participate in extracurriculars. GPA and its importance stand right after these basic figures.

Essay on 4 year and 2 year programs: which one is more effective?

Taking into account current cost of a 4-year college tuition, high school graduates do not hesitate to apply to technical schools. They guarantee a steady employment after graduation, the thing that young bachelors themselves struggle to get. A trade school may not offer the best career opportunities, but at least graduates will start earning their money right away.

The price of 4-year college tuition is high, but it also offers broader opportunities to the graduates. Operating with their knowledge, bachelors can still choose from a variety of occupations. They are more likely to go for master’s degree and find their place in a scientific community. Salary offers are also higher for bachelors than for associates.

Choosing an educational establishment can go on forever if we pay attention only to the benefits. Students have to understand their preferences and expectations of the future workplace. Some of us will be perfectly satisfied with a technical education while the others will go for nothing less than a 4-year degree.

Essay on whether ACT or SAT tests objectively evaluate the student’s knowledge and skills

Tests that include about 100 questions estimate students’ knowledge very well. It is impossible to ask so many questions or cover such a vast volume of material in the exam. For this reason, teachers like testing students as often as they can. However, there is a problem that concerns standardized testing – a preparation. Passing tests successfully is a skill that shall be learned and trained in students.

Though considered a very effective means of estimating performance, standardized tests allow students to do a guesswork. Teachers can never know how many questions students have answered with confidence and how many they just guessed. Therefore, we can check one’s knowledge in a vast amount of material but we do not know whether this “knowledge” actually exists.

Essay on the harm caused by eating disorders to women

Eating disorders are more than a merely aesthetic or psychological problem. These are real conditions that disturb metabolism and prevent essential processes that allow our body to function every day. Among all the group of risk, women are particularly predisposed to developing anorexia, bulimia, or binge eating.

Eating disorders destroy the physical and emotional health of women. Either binge eating or dieting beyond the borderline, these habits exhaust woman’s body, especially neural, gastrointestinal, and reproductive systems. Obsessive thoughts about their flawed body keep women miserable and pathetic in the time when they could enjoy their life with the body they’ve got.

It is worth saying that both men and women develop eating disorders, but it is especially difficult for females to cope with the emotional stress. On the other hand, men are more predisposed to developing alcohol addiction alongside eating disorders.

Essay on the hazards of alternative medicine

Patients refer to non-traditional practices for various reasons. Some of them strive to avoid side effects of chemicals. The others have tried everything traditional medicine offered and found these methods ineffective. Nevertheless, homeopathy and similar practices may turn out not as positive as people expect.

It is already clear that alternative medicine does not cure diabetes and other chronic diseases. It can relieve symptoms, such as pain, but neither acupuncture nor Ayurveda will eliminate the condition. Here is the trap for people who completely rely on alternative medicine while suffering from critical conditions, like cancer. In such cases, chemical treatment is crucial to avoid the lethal final.

Another threat of the alternative medicine is self-medication. Some people may use homeopathy as over-the-counter drugs and fully substitute chemicals with them. Often, an incorrect diagnosis deludes practitioners. This way doctors can prescribe an ineffective medication when urgent actions must be taken.

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Thesis statements


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Statistics on the dangers of speeding essay


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Home schooling essay sample

As any other issue, home schooling has its pros and cons. On the one hand, there is no need to go to school as you can get professional teachers come to you. What is more, the result will be the same as there is no difference where to gain knowledge. Apart from that, it is easier in terms of transportation. What is more, studying at home means that there will be less stress and distractions.

On the other hand, going to school is beneficial as you will be a part of the group. Any school is the first form of socialization process which is why you will learn how to make friends as well as to communicate with those who you do not quite like. Studying at school is great life experience and nothing will ever substitute that. There is a belief that home schooling makes a person more introverted which is definitely going to have some influence on the way this person is going to establish relationships in the future. Going to school will also teach how to stand up for yourself which is a great skill. Want to find out more about home schooling? Go to …

Political science research paper topics


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