A Vision for India: Nehru Vs Savarkar

There are different views that people have towards India. Different people have been giving different opinions towards the Indians. Nehru and Savarkar have competing visions with regard to India. Nehru views that India is a powerful force perceived on an individual basis. However, Nehru points out that he does not mean to be little the people of India as a group, but seeks to emphasize that on an individual basis, one can reckon an Indian as a person. Nehru decides that the best point of view to analyze Indians, or the Hindu is to take them individually as opposed to the abstractness of groups (Nehru 59). This point is emphasized when the author says that he does not idealize masses’ conception, and he tries to avoid thinking of masses as a theoretical abstraction. In addition, he says that despite the large population of Indian people, they are real to him at an individualist point of view. This implies that Nehru’s point of view is taking the Indian people at individual basis contrary to viewing them as a group.
In addition, Nehru goes on to point out that an Indian is a very resilient person regardless of religion affiliation. Although the Indians are much culture oriented, the author points out that this resilience and culture should be a great factor in encouraging them to intermingle. This is not supposed to make them lose their identity. He pointed that the potential stability and strength that the Indians posses originates from their cultural traditions that they still retain to date. Therefore, this enhances global harmony without the need of melting one’s origin or culture while trying to fit in the new world. Nehru seems to accrue attention to the vision for India as a strong and resilience culture that cannot be easily suppressed regardless of geographical location.
On the other hand, Savarkar seems not to enhance globalization. He employs the superiority of Indians over all other nations, religions, and culture. This is clearly shown when he says that neither the English people, nor the French are gifted with a vast land that can equal in natural strength and richness like the land of Sindhustan. However, there was an exception of the Americans and the Chinese people. Contrary to Nehru, Savarkar is particularly obsessed with power as the most important path for India as opposed to embracing other nations. He emphasizes that India’s culture in its resilience and strength makes the Indian people as powerful as they could ever be in a global world. Savarkar only compares India with other powerful and rich countries such as America and China a fact that only proves that he advocates for competition with other nations to be more superior.
Savarkar continues to point out that India is above others in the race and religion. In this case, India should maintain its own strong nationality ties to surpass the rest of the world. His vision does not support harmony of India with the rest of the world even if such an idea of globalization would not harm Indian’s culture or its nationality. This could be emphasized in the statement that the world’s nations are finding a place with regard to aggression. Savarkar added that no one could allow him/herself to cut links with the ancient things.
Although every person has the right to express his thought towards a certain community or nation, it is imperative to note that some thoughts are weighty than others.

In my opinion, Nehru vision is more powerful than that of Savarkar. Nehru sees the resilience of their culture as a key factor in embracing the rest of the world confidently. On the other hand, Savarkar takes a conservative approach of becoming superior to the nations of the world. This points out that Savarkar vision is that of superiority without considering the consequences that may arise on the way. This implies that Nehru’s vision is a more practical vision in today’s world that emphasizes on the harmonization of all nations, cultures, religion in the name of globalization. This perspective is quite significant and evocative as compare to the vision emphasized by Savarkar. This is so because no country can survive on its own no matter how superior it is. There is always the need for globalization for a country to sail through smoothly.
Though every nation is a sovereign state, it needs the association with others to survive in a highly globalised world. Therefore, the only significant, relevant and powerful vision for India is that championed by Nehru, which supports of people regardless of their race, religion or culture. At the same time that Nehru calls for this harmonization he states that Indians should respect each other’s identity and view it as unique and significance. This respect is also demanded from the international community by this author in an attempt to empower the individual Indian person. It is imperative to conclude that power is an instrumental thing to acquire, however the means to acquire it should be justifiable and not forced. Everything is supposed to grow gradually but not through forcing it. This means that with globalization when people’s opinions are respected, superiority will be attained.

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International response to conflicts

Many oil rich states and those with veto power always showcase interest in each other’s resources thus encouraging protests. Since 2011, many international organizations worked hard to restore peace through military and communication approaches. As such, they introduced campaigns and humanitarian strategies to curb unrest in the warring states caused by dictatorial leaders who cling forcefully on power. This paper analyses some of these issues whilst providing recommendations for the various causes of action.
Repression and conflict in Syria
Probably most Arab resident states and those rich in natural resources have governance problems. The leaders seemingly never want to leave power because of the control they have on the very resources. This is the case of Syria in which president Bashar Al-Assad and his family have ruled the country for over four decades. As such, an insurgence emerged in 2011that sought to remove the president from power. The international attention prevailing presently in the country is the presence of the International Red Cross and constant reactions from the European Union. The international bodies should invade the country in a bid to help the residents regain power and control over their country. Capitalism in the 21st century should not quantify dictatorship. Additionally, the western countries should freeze the Syrian president’s accounts in which he invests in the very foreign sates. Additionally, the humanitarian aid offered should incorporate counseling sessions because of the prevalence in post traumatic stress disorder. Failure to do this will encourage jihad operations and control in the country. The international response should be rational as opposed to the use of force and radical missions. Effective communication should help in achieving this since the residents may react otherwise if approached through forceful means.
The Iranian nuclear enrichment program
After the Hiroshima and Nagasaki nuclear war destruction in the 19th century, more concerns arose around the globe regarding the use of nuclear power. Nuclear destabilizes the environment since the radioactive material release into the atmosphere, water and land elicits adverse effects on humanity. The toxic matter results into the outbreak of airborne diseases. Additionally, the gases destroy the marine life thus the toxins reach the human body through feeding. The ecosystem destabilization is a continuous process owing to the food chain. The lead deposits in fish and other marine life causes cancer and destruction of major body organs including the kidneys. The Iranian nuclear enrichment program seeks to create powerful weapons of mass destruction out of Uranium. The international authority has many concerns regarding this attempt though Syria continues to explain that the weapons are purely meant for peace mission. This is not legitimate since states like Syria though supported throughout the process by the USA, seek vengeance against their predecessors. According to the international community Syria is on a mission to destroy the entire globe basis the move on a peaceful endeavor. This prompts reaction from the international actors to seize the move. They have the responsibility to liaise with relevant authorities in Syria to convince the president Mahmoud Ahmedinejad to avoid any retaliatory attacks. In the subsequent years, the international community tried to talk to the president in relation to this. However, he remained adamant and continued with the enrichment program. The International Atomic Energy Agency constantly asks the Iranian government to sign a peaceful deal with them to no avail. Alternatively, they make a stern statement in preventing Iran from engaging in any activities likely to cause a post WWII occurrence. For this reason, the western countries foster quality international relations programs to prevent any country from engaging Iran in war. 
Canadian military’s current role in Afghanistan
The presence of the Canadian army in Afghanistan raised mixed reactions on its onset. In 2002, many residents prompted retaliatory attacks. Today, the civilians appreciate their presence and aid the army by tipping them concerning any planned insurgences. The fact that the Canadian army tries as much to control any jihadist attempts, is proof that they have been successful in restoring social order and peace.
NATO in Libya
After the reign of Colonel Moamar Gadhafi, Libya underwent a transition that saw it attain liberation after several years of single rule. This was because an international body external to the country’s operations had to intervene. NATO mediated to ensure that Gadhafi stepped down from power whether alive or dead. The former president now posthumous had an enormous impact on the politics of Libya hence influencing many decisions. According to NATO the president was a dictator that ruled forceful to an extent that the residents never took notice of this. The unrest that arose in a better part of 2011 forced NATO’s intervention in dealing with the government and other rebel groups including Al Qaeda. As a result, many civilians died including some Muslim faithful. Libya is an Islamic state predominantly occupied by Arabs. This raised a lot of tension prompting the pope and other world leaders to advice NATO to withdraw. Many residents believed that western states used NATO to safeguard Benghazi since they had a personal interest in the oil hub. However, even though western states are always rumored of constantly interfering with oil and resource rich colonies, NATO was justified to restore calm in the then distraught Libya. As opposed to the world view concerning the amount of violence that would erupt after Gadhafi’s transition, calm quickly prevailed.

Notably the number of lives that would be lost without NATO’s interference would surpass those that prevailed during their seizure of Libya in 2011 until Gadhafi passed on.
Immigration policies in Canada
Remittance or otherwise cash dashed out to immigrants to facilitate their families at home is a draining factor to the World Bank and countries that contribute to this procedure. On the other hand, countries receiving the money in the form of grants, always improve their infrastructure and other systems annually. This means that a lot of money dispatched from countries like Canada to destinations like India drains the Canadian economy. As such, the residents in Canada have to work very hard to generate revenue in order to support immigrants. It is justifiable for Canadians to seek repeal in the law that safeguards the interests of the immigrants since some cases are never as genuine as the country is made to believe. The fact that Canadians have a 24 hour running economy does not guarantee other poor countries to benefit from them. Research indicates that mush of the acquired wealth in North-South disparity cases benefit the economies of the target population. For this reason, immigrant policies should undergo revision to favor genuine immigrants and donor states especially after the 2009 recession affected many economies up until 2012.  
NGOs in the UK
The campaign will achieve its mandate because it uses celebrities like musicians, actors and prominent personalities like Bill Gates to reach out for help. Definitely poor countries suffer a huge gap between the rich and the poor thus making them unsustainable. The celebrities and the prominent persons build trusts and credibility with the target donors. Additionally, the involved parties including the British prime minister have an admirable reputation concerning humanitarian activities. The project will also succeed because the problems that the organization targets are likely to elicit long term solutions. They seek handle land related issues including corruptions that leave bourgeoisie richer than other countries and other residents poorer. This is the essence of fundraising, dealing with long term goals, using prominence and having a clear goal. Since the campaign seeks to solve some of the historical injustices, the campaign will receive a positive response from the populaces and thus will be successful. Finally, the involvement of humanitarian agencies and foundations established in the target states is enough reason to convince the societies.  
In conclusion, the paper basically addressed the various rebellious acts that occur in many Arabic and oil generating states and the international community. Finally, it overlooks the individual ability to handle disasters and the importance of international bodies in handling critical issues involving humanitarian aid. These issues are recent and thus require prompt approach.

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