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When looking for political science research paper topics, the first aspect to take into account is to learn more about the issue you are going to dwell upon. In such a way, you will find out that political study deals with the study of state, government, nation and politics. What is more, such aspects as political systems analysis, political culture and political behavior are also a part of political science.

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Write my term paper

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Reflection Essay

Rhetorical analysis is an important ingredient for any individual that may from time to time seek to air out certain issues affecting the community he or she may come from. Writing for different audiences requires that there is a clear engagement to specified issues so that the subject matter is clearly brought out. Sometimes, when making rhetorical choices regarding controversial topics, it is good to draft a well thought out and planned reasoning so that the intended audience appreciates that the views expressed may be based on factual justifications rather than emotional bias. It is therefore important for writers to develop good rhetorical reasoning and analysis skills to be able to overcome the challenges of addressing different audiences. In addition, putting across the message is not just about picking out details but analyzing the appropriate content with regards to various factors.
By the end of the day, the best writing is usually based on a well analyzed rhetorical perspective. It is good to consider the various dimensions in the subject being addressed like the intended audience, the context or setting, main purpose and the resultant rhetorical strategies to be used. Understanding these perspectives may be the all important requirements for an outstanding writing on various topics or issues. The purpose of this essay will be to analyze the ways in which rhetorical perspectives have influenced my writing work through the course. This analysis will engage my three main papers of the semester by picking out the ways in which the different perspectives have been brought out in each. The justification for the choices of rhetoric made in the three essays during the course this semester will also be stated.
To begin, my first essay about the Mcclelland Hall was an introductory as well as an informative piece on one of my favorite buildings in Arizona University. As a result, the rhetorical choices made in this essay were largely influenced by my enthusiasm to elaborate all that I seemed to love about the hall. However, as good writing principles dictate, I had to consider the other factors rather than my personal experiences in the library. First, was the audience that was composed of new students who knew nothing about the hall and were even skeptical of the building itself. Several points were therefore included to cater for the context and purpose of that writing. For instance, the essay illustrated the key areas of attraction within the building, a brief history and possible opportunities it present to the users like in the areas of career development and advisory services. The main entrance, the space in the middle of the building and stairs have been highlighted, for instance, to outline the significance of each section of the building and to also orientate the audience.
The second essay provided a great challenge to my writing skills especially because it required my sincere opinion on an area that also needed a concise rhetorical analysis. The topic under discussion, mining in Arizona, is quite a controversial one given the interest it has drawn from either side of the debate on the benefits, or otherwise, of one the state’s main economic activity. The rhetorical choices made in the essay are therefore based on evidenced based intervention to the issue that has generated a lot of controversy.

Even though my stance on the benefits of mining seemed to have dominated the writing, this has been done with a lot of consideration to the context, audience and purpose of the paper. As a result, several sources have been cited and facts on the benefits this activity has brought even to the whole nation mentioned. By mentioning the efforts of the current administration and highlighting the concerns of human rights and environmental protection groups, the rhetorical structure of the essay is therefore balanced.
The third essay is in form of a letter addressed to Ms Frances; one of the leaders of the organizations opposed to copper mining in Arizona. The rhetorical structure is based on authoritative reasoning and justification rather than on emotions. The letter cites the benefits of the economic activity in the area that the audience is opposed to so that there is a discussion based on issues rather than personal attacks. For instance, the paper points out the growth prospects of the mineral exploitation in the state of Arizona as and in the country and the number of households whose lives have been uplifted by this activity. There is also a reminder that such lives may virtually depend on the continuity of this project. This has been further illustrated by figures like the % 6.7 billion contributed by the mines in the year 2010. The choice of the justifications are based on the reasoning that the rhetoric analysis should aim at cautioning as well as convincing the organization to rethink their hardliner stance on the issue. The letter also, for the benefit of the audience, recognizes that the efforts of environmental conservation are important and therefore there should be cooperation among all players so that this issue is amicably addressed. This rhetorical perspective is used to ensure that there is a clear information flow.

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Assignment 1
Authenticity of the new world has affected the colonizers both positively and negatively. In the case of positive impact, the colonizers feel they were unjustly exploiting the resources obtained from the land of the colonizers through oppression. They now try to seek redemption by offering assistances to their colonies in case they are still third world countries. On the negative side of it is when the colonies become more developed than their colonizers. In this aspect, the colonizers feel ashamed of their actions and feel they did something unworthy. In a normal situation, the colonizers are supposed to be on a higher level economically when compared to the countries they colonized. By being colonized, it means by that time the colonizers were more tactical than their colonies, thus being lower economically is a sign of disgrace.
Assignment 2
a) Indentured servitude is not much different from slavery but there is a slight difference. The difference is that in the case of slavery, an individual is bought while in the case of servitude in the colonies, people were not bought, but they worked as per the will and the command of their colonizers. In indentured servitude, the colonized were to stay in their land but in slavery, the slave was taken to the place where their master will be staying, and they will lack normal rights. The slaves also used to be transported over vast regions so as to get to the regions where the traders would attain much profit from their stock of laborers. For instance, in the American colonization, there was both indentured servitude and slavery. The blacks were commonly used in slavery while the people who where victims to indentured servitude were the Indians and the other whites who were in the population of the Americans by that time. However, in the case of America the Blacks did not have to travel over long distances as some were also traded in the same united states, but in regions where only the wealthy used to live.
b) In the middle passage voyage, the people were taken by their will to go and work as servants on the strange lands.

They were promised numerous benefits if they were to go and work in the lands where they were to serve and be paid. The system that was embraced in the slavery trade indulged the people being taken forcefully because of their physical suitability and capability to adapt to new weather and have great immunity. For this reason most of the women were left out due to their regular uncertainties. They wanted someone who could endure and deliver appropriately at the same time.
c) The slave trade served mostly the colonizers. This was because the slave traders were majorly the colonizers as they had authority over the people whom they had colonized, and they had the best observation when it came too physique of the slaves. This is because they used to be the supervisors of the slaves before they were traded to the slave traders. The slave traders were mostly transported to Europe where they were on high demand. There were farms that required labor and the slaves were the only suitable people for that job as the Europeans were not accomplished to labor.

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